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Fiberarts - Summer 2009
Summer 2009

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Marci’s First Anniversary Tea Party
More work by our Sampling artists
Anna Fidler’s new works in collage
Scott Fife’s video The Making of Lionel Hampton
John Sims’s video The SquareRoots of the Master Quilt: Poetic Reflections by Johannes-Curtis Schwarzenstein
Molly Sutkaitis’s wedding dress story from Iris Häussler’s Honest Threads exhibit.
The Winners of Quilt National 2009
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Summer 2009

Sampling Showcase: Beads in the Mix

Our Summer 2009 Sampling section features artists that use “Beads in the Mix” of their art work. Here we share additional images by our included artists.

Ann Baddeley Keister
Susan Aaron-Taylor
Amy Gross
Lisa Binkley

Ann Baddeley Keister, who received both her MFA and BFA from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, strives for her images to feel contemporary while referencing decorative art of the past. Inspired by traveling and museum visits, she often merges visual ideas from more than one style, period, or culture. Keister came to art quilting by taking a class during a sabbatical from her position as an associate professor of design at Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan. After nearly twenty years as a tapestry artist working from decisions made ahead of time, she felt freed by the ability to improvise and change her design as each quilt developed. She has been exploring the medium ever since.

Do No Harm Do No Harm
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Do No Harm (with detail), 2007; cotton, silk, glass beads; hand-quilted, hand-embroidered, beaded; 62" x 78". Photos: David Keister.

Fiery Fiery
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Wings and Arrows (with detail), 2008; silk, cotton, glass beads; hand-quilted, hand-embroidered, beaded; 53" x 42". Photos: David Keister.

Susan Aaron-Taylor received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She is currently Section Chair of Fibers at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. A student of Jungian psychology, she mines dreams and the collective unconscious to invent mythologies entwined in personal history to create stories through her work. Aaron-Taylor’s dreamlike narratives explore ancient cultures, archetypes, and, ultimately, the self. Her Soul Shards series represents a gathering of spiritual energies lost throughout one’s lifetime and chronicles the retrieval of these broken pieces of the soul.

Soul Shard #24
Soul Shard #24, 2005; bark, felt, coral, beads; hand-felted, beaded; 12" x 6" x 3". Photo: Tim Thayer.

Soul Shard #25 Soul Shard #25
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Soul Shard #25 (with detail), 2006; bark, felt, beads, coral, kozo fiber, raw flax; hand-felted, beaded; 5" x 12" x 4". Photo: Tim Thayer.

Amy Gross earned her BFA in fine art and design from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York. Trained as a painter, she turned to stitching attracted to its intimacy. Playing with scale she re-creates nature in her own image, merging what she can see with what she can’t. She considers sewing and embellishing as acts of transformation, a merging or taking over of one material by another. She re-imagines landscape and nature, altered through her life and the experiences of the human body.

Optimist's Biotope Optimist's Biotope
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Optimist’s Biotope (with detail), 2007; thread, ribbon, yarn, seed beads, digitally printed fabric, polymer clay, paper; embroidered, sewn, trapunto quilted, appliquéd; 7 1/2" x 14" diameter. Photo by the artist.

Preoccupation, 2006; thread, seed beads, digitally printed fabric, oil pastel, felt, velvet, suede, paper; embroidered, trapunto quilted, appliquéd, sewn to canvas; 9" x 10" x 7". Photo by the artist.

Lisa Binkley holds a BS in textiles and design from the University of Wisconsin—Madison and a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. A stitcher since early childhood, she feels connected to the tradition of the technique and others who have “sought to contemplate and celebrate the beautiful, the ineffable, and the sacred through the slow process of hand stitching beads and threads.” She sees her work as visual poems that speak of the splendor and vitality of the world.

Between the Woods and Frozen Lake, 2007; commercial and hand-dyed cotton fabric, synthetic fabric, cotton batting, interfacing, glass beads, pearls, ceramic beads, cotton thread, nylon thread; hand-beaded, hand-embroidered; 12" x 18". Photo: Jim Couee.

Going In, 2005; commercial cotton print and batik fabric, wool batting, hand-dyed silk, perle cotton embroidery thread, cotton thread, nylon threads, glass beads, pearls, stone beads; hand-beaded, hand-embroidered; 15" x 15". Photo: Jim Couee.


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