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Fiberarts - Summer 2009
Summer 2009

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Marci’s First Anniversary Tea Party
More work by our Sampling artists
Anna Fidler’s new works in collage
Scott Fife’s video The Making of Lionel Hampton
John Sims’s video The SquareRoots of the Master Quilt: Poetic Reflections by Johannes-Curtis Schwarzenstein
Molly Sutkaitis’s wedding dress story from Iris Häussler’s Honest Threads exhibit.
The Winners of Quilt National 2009
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Summer 2009

Scott Fife and The Making of Lionel Hampton

Scott Fife, whose work is featured in our Summer 2009 issue, is a Seattle-based artist who sculpts astonishingly life-like portraits of famous figures out of archival cardboard, glue, and screws. This one-minute time-lapse video, The Making of Lionel Hampton, was created by photographer Mark Davison to document Fife’s process from start to finish. Lionel Hampton is Fife’s tribute to the legendary African-American jazz percussionist, bandleader, and pioneer in the racial integration of jazz. It is one of several pieces in a series of iconic musicians Fife began in 2004 that includes Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Kurt Cobain.

Heart flipbook by Andrea Dezso
Lionel Hampton, 2004; archival cardboard, screws, glue; 19" x 17" x 12". Courtesy of Platform Gallery, Seattle, Washington;

Mark Davison, The Making of Lionel Hampton, 2004; time-lapse video, 1 minute. Courtesy of Platform Gallery, Seattle, Washington.



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