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Fiberarts - January/February 2010
January/February 2010

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More examples of Lisa Klakulak’s work from start to finish.
More work from our Sampling artists.
How Lisa Telford Harvests Cedar Bark and Her Traditional Pre-Contact Clothing and Basketry.
Updated exhibition and competition listings.
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January/February 2010

Turning the Page: A Sampling of Wearable Art in Paper

The January/February 2010 Sampling department showcases wearable art made from paper. Using a variety of paper materials and innovative techniques, our featured artists have created a wide spectrum of wearable art, ranging from jewelry and shoes to entire outfits. Displayed below are additional works produced by our Sampling artists.

Isobel Hall
Abel Bazan
Louise Riley
Ya-chu Kang

Isobel Hall explores art through experimentation with new materials and methods. She creates her mixed-media bracelets with enameled silk paper, tea-bag paper, sheer organza, and lace. In addition to jewelry making, she is talented in bag embellishing, papermaking, and bookmaking.

Floral Details (Medieval Collection

Floral Details (Medieval Collection), 2009; silk paper fastened with an enameled metal clasp; silk tops made into silk paper using acrylic gloss medium, outer layer stamped with heat fixable paint, embossing enamels applied and heat set prior to embroidery, backing made from the same silk paper which is heavily waxed to make it resemble leather; 3" x 9".

Aun: Jacket- stratification

Architectural Detail (Medieval Collection), 2009; cocoon stripping paper, teabag paper, silk paper, fusible webbing, laces; painted cocoon stripping paper with fusible webbing ironed on for Texture, medieval shapes cut from inkjet printed teabag paper and laminated to the cocoon stripping paper, punched leaves made from painted cocoon stripping paper, holes punched for the laces; 2¼" x 8½".

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Abel Bazan believes shoes reveal the wearer’s identity and background. He constructs his paper shoes from a variety of recycled materials, including cardboard, newspaper, and old maps in an effort to recall the past through memory.

Photos: Martin Evans, courtesy of Nike Photolab.

Wondering Shoes

Wondering Shoes, 2008; French paper (a reproduction of vintage maps of Paris, Italy and London), cardboard, cloth, glue; about a women’s size 8.


Mazeltov!, 2008; embossed Italian paper, metal hearts (wedding souvenir from the friends’ wedding the shoes were made to commemorate) ; about a women’s size 8. Bazan made the mock-up cake for that photo.

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Louise Riley departed from her usual embroidery art to create a series of paper dresses in collaboration with designer Jeff Banks. Using Banks’s wallpaper patterns as inspiration, Riley crossed the divide between wall coverings and wearable art.

Model : Lenka. Hair: Kenna. Makeup: Maggie Hunt. Photos: Ed Bovingdon.

Louise Riley

Untitled, 2008; wallpaper, glue, staples, cotton tape, butterfly clips, mountboard, Velcro; stapled, machine sewn.

Louise Riley

Untitled, 2008; wallpaper, glue, staples, cotton tape, woven cord, Velcro, fringe; stapled, machine sewn.

Louise Riley

Untitled, 2008; wallpaper, glue, staples, cotton tape, snaps; stapled, machine sewn.

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Ya-chu Kang uses discarded paper materials such as cardboard, coffee filters, tea bags, and pages from old books, comic books, and newspapers to create her wearable art sculptures. She sees her art as a representation of the “in-between spaces that surround us”.


Conductor, 2008; DVD, sound, political newspapers, cotton, button; sewn, performance. Video shot in front of downtown Taipei City, the tuxedo is sewn of newspaper with headlines and articles about politics.

FORGOTTEN—Pornographic Kimono

FORGOTTEN—Pornographic Kimono, 2008; wrapping tape, comic book paper; sewn; 61" x 23½" x 23½". Made during a residency in Japan.

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