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Fiberarts - September/October 2010
September/October 2010

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Fiber Finds from the Kamm Teapot Collection
by Mary Douglas, curator

Eds.—We feature the Kamm Teapot Collection in the Collecting section of our September/October issue. Here Mary Douglas, the curator of the collection, shares additional fiber works from this fun (and impressive!) collection.

Sonny and Gloria Kamm have collected teapots for over thirty-five years. What began as an adjunct to their existing collection of contemporary glass, ceramics, and paintings led to a passion that has resulted in the world’s largest and most comprehensive teapot collection. The Kamm Teapot Collection numbers over 10,000 items and runs the gamut from historical decorative arts to industrial design icons to unique works of contemporary art.

The novel and diverse fiber art in the collection numbers around 300 pieces. A wide range of techniques from basketry, beadwork, felting, and sewing are paired with found materials like repurposed fabrics, plastic cable ties, and tea bags. The Kamms share their collection via loans to museums and other public institutions. For information about the collection, Sonny and Gloria Kamm may be contacted via email at

Below is a selection of recent fiber art acquisitions from the Kamm Teapot Collection. Photos by the artists, unless otherwise noted.

Elfleda Russell, Garden of Eden Teapot, 2009; glass beads, plaster cast, acrylic coating, plastic tubing, wire; peyote, herringbone, single- and multiple-drop brick stitching, improvised beading; 12¾" x 14" x 7". Courtesy of Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Polly Adams Sutton, Dragonwell Green Teapot, 2009; cedar bark, cane, wire; twined and woven; 7½" x 10" x 6½". Courtesy of Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photo: Bill Wickett.

Leslie Grigsby, If You Drink Any More Tea, You’ll Turn into a Fish, 2009; beaded; 13" x 17½" x 8¾".

Lesley Richmond, Tree Pot, 2009; cotton/silk, heat-reactive base, metal patinas, paint; dévoré, painting, collage; 11" x 11½" x 9". Courtesy of Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Linda Dolack, Nestea Teapot, Domino Dots Sugar Box, Milk Chug Creamer, 2008; Czech glass beads, flowers and leaves, Swarovski rhinestones, wood, acrylic paint, mixed media; beaded; teapot: 12½" x 9½" x 4½"; box: 6½" x 6" x 2½"; creamer: 8" x 4¾" x 1¾". Courtesy of Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Donna Rhae Marder, Larry's Teapot, 2008; fabric, wire; stitched; 7" x 5½" x 4½". Courtesy of Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ann Coddington Rast, eyes teapot, 2008; twined linen, prosthetic eyes; 12" x 7" x 7". Courtesy of Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jan Hopkins, Too Blue Teapot, 2004, grapefruit peels, waxed linen, hemp paper, Alaskan yellow cedar bark and ostrich shell beads; crocheted, stitched; 8" x 8" x 5". Courtesy of Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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