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Fiberarts - Summer 2011
Summer 2011

Fiberarts - Summer 2011
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Meet the Winners of the 2011 Fiberarts Reader’s Choice Studio Contest
Honorable Mentions from the 2011 Fiberarts Reader’s Choice Studio Contest
Emerging Artists Showcase
Updated exhibition and competition listings

Studios that Inspire!

Meet the winners of the 2011 Fiberarts Readers’ Choice Studio Contest! Nearly eighty avid fans shared images of—and reflections about—their special creative spaces, from reclaimed closets to sprawling lofts. We were thrilled to have over 1,100 readers cast their votes online to decide the favorites. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to participate as both entrants and judges. Winners received a wonderful selection of products from our contest sponsor Jacquard.

Here we take a closer look at the four winning studios with examples of fiber art work these artists create in their inspiring spaces.

Winner: Best Stash
Elaine Theriault
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

I started to quilt in 1998 and since then have managed to acquire enough fabric that it requires an entire room to store it. The stash is sorted by color and style in baskets. While the baskets do take up more space, it is easy to grab a basket, empty it onto a cutting table in the studio, search for what I want and then throw it all back in the basket. Fast, easy and efficient. No time or energy wasted searching! Scraps are also sorted by style and color and reside in labeled plastic shoe boxes.

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Above: Elaine Theriault in her quilting studio in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Photos: Lisa Stokes.

Winner: Best Setting
Carol Milne
Seattle, Washington

My studio is attached to my home. It has 11-foot ceilings, lots of windows, and views into my garden. It also has a bonus covered outdoor area that houses my kiln, and where I do a great deal of my messy work. Messy gives away the fact that my studio is not strictly speaking a fiber-arts studio. I am a sculptor working predominantly with cast glass. However, much of my glass work is actually knitted. I use the lost-wax casting method to knit in wax and turn the wax into sculptures. I see my knitted glasswork as a metaphor for social structure.

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Above: Carol Milne in her glass and fiber-art studio in Seattle, Washington. Photos by the artist.

Winner: Best Use of Space
Joyce Melander-Dayton
Santa Fe, New Mexico

My studio space has been transformed as my work has evolved. The space is filled with light from two barrel-vaulted skylights, all the better to see the many materials I incorporate into my work: yarn, beads, wood veneer, and wire. There is also ample room for my small library of books about beading, embroidery, weaving, basketry, etc. Even on the darkest days, my space is bright and colorful. Surrounded by my materials, I am never at a loss for inspiration. This studio is where I spend most of my time and I can think of no other space in which I would wish to be.

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Above: And the Wind Cries Mary (with detail), 2011; wool, sequins, silk waste; handspun; 85 yd.

Winner: Best Organization/Storage
Denise Labadie
Longmont, Colorado

I am a contemporary art quilter and my quilts are typically quite large. Being able to stand well back from my design wall is mandatory. The studio’s organization came from time-and-motion studies of my work day—where I spend time, what activities are linked to one another, etc. The resulting layout thus very much emphasizes the functional and physical separation of quilt design versus actual quilting and sewing.

My works are of Irish pre-historic stone megaliths and medieval monastic ruins, and have been juried in numerous national and international shows. I am a multiple Quilt National award winner.

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Above: Denise Labadie in her art quilt studio in Longmont, Colorado. Photos: Allan Snell

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