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Summer 2005

Layer upon Layer: Six Collage Artists

The art of collage is one of complex interrelation. When images are placed on top of and next to, one another, they create new meanings and relationships simply through proximity. In our Summer 2005 issue, author Rhonda Sonnenberg discusses the work of six contemporary artists who utilize the process of building up layers. The complex nature of collage is illustrated as each artist expresses her ideas in different ways, with different materials. The featured artists are Sue Clancy, Ai Kijima, Lisa Kokin, Fran Gardner Perry, Fran Skiles, and Lynn Whipple.

In the magazine, we discuss their various approaches and the broad range of this technique. Here we supplement our print article with additional images by all six artists, including full views of details shown in the magazine.

Fran Gardner Perry
Fran Skiles
Lynn Whipple
Lisa Kokin
Sue Clancy
Ai Kijima

Fran Perry uses fabric, thread, paint, beads, various embellishments and found objects, and wood panels in her work. Her techniques include machine stitching, original drawings, photo transfers of found imagery, painting, and woodworking. Photos by the artist.

(Left to right): Handle with Care, 2004; 24″ x 12″ x 2″; Handle with Care (detail), 2004; 24″ x 12″ x 2″; Legend, 2003; 14″ x 10″ x 1″.

Orienting the Self, 2004; 14″ x 10″ x 1″.
A larger view of this image is available in the Summer 2005 issue.

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Fran Skiles's materials include cotton duck, silk gauze, China silk, cotton paper, Japanese paper, transfer paper, thread, acrylic, oil, ink, crayon, gloss medium, silk paint, and gesso. Her techniques include monoprint, staining, painting, heat-set transfer, acrylic transfer, ink-jet fabric printing, and hand and machine stitching. Photos: Gerhard Heidersberger.

(Left to right): Lands Edge I, 2005; 54″ x 36″; Lands Edge III, 2005; 54″ x 36″; Sitting Bird Series I, 2003; 34″ x 21″.

Lands Edge IV, 2005; 54″ x 36″.
A larger view of this image is available in the Summer 2005 issue.  

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Lynn Whipple's work incorporates collage, sewing, found objects, found images, vintage quilt scraps, pencil, and acrylic on wood. Photos: Randall Smith.

(Left to right): Pall, 2005; 8″ x 12″; Democracy, 2005; 44″ x 66″; Family, 2005; 44″ x 66″.  

Bunnyman, 2005; 8″ x 12″.
A larger view of this image is available in the Summer 2005 issue.  

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Lisa Kokin creates her portraits from buttons and found objects, sewn with synthetic sinew. Images courtesy of the artist and Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco.

(Left to right): Proximity, 2004; 39″x 40″; Moment, 2004; 66″ x 36″; Passage (detail), 2004; 41" x 29 1/2".

Passage, 2004; 41" x 29 1/2".
A larger view of this image is available in the Summer 2005 issue.

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Sue Clancy uses 100 percent cotton rag pulp to make paper, sometimes creating images using the pulp itself. She often dyes or marbles the finished sheets of paper. Other papers, acrylic, ink, and thread may also be used in her collages. Photos by the artist.

(Left): Just in Time for Cookies, 2004; 12″ x 10″ x 2″; (Right): The First Luncheon of the Ladies with Red Hats, 2005; 2′ x 4′.

Breakfast of Heroines, 2004; 12″ x 9 1/4″ x 2″.
A larger view of this image is available in the Summer 2005 issue.

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Ai Kijima uses recycled materials such as curtains, pillowcases, bed sheets, clothes, aprons, handkerchiefs, and tablecloths. The materials are fused and machine quilted.

Cake White Palace, 2004; 49" x 108". Photo: David Ettinger; Erehwon, 2002; 44" x 64". Photo: James Prinz.

Cake White Palace (detail), 2004; 49" x 108". Photo: David Ettinger.
Larger views of these images are available in the Summer 2005 issue.

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This gallery first appeared
online in:

Summer 2005

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